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"We do it Different"

what we do

We take chances, we explore opportunities, we make ideas a reality.

Oz Ball develops tournaments, international tours and relationships with the sole goal of moving the diamond sports landscape in Australia and New Zealand forward.

Providing elite, development and inclusion opportunities for every player in both Baseball and Softball, Oz Ball has an experience we can tailor just for you.

duwc 2024

We are starting to gear up for DUWC24 and you know what that means

Kicking off on Saturday 6th July with gear collection and opening event

Games commencing on Sunday 7th July playing through until Friday 12th July

Wrapping up with a Closing Ceremony on Friday Night at Dreamworld


Check out Cav on the Sports Rewind Podcast, Cav dropped some massive hints at what’s to come make sure you watch the show to see what’s coming up.


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