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Congratulations to all involved, the upcoming Season will be filled with learning the game at a higher level and Coaching elements of the game you may never have seen before.

With the Draft complete and teams selected you will have new team mates to bond and compete with, you will need to fight a little harder to prove to your team that you are willing to do what it takes to put the team first.

Our instructors will be pushing you all to be better players and to learn a lot of things about the game you probably don’t know about, a lot of that is with personal guidance and game knowledge.

Parents, the players will be encouraged to strive for more instead of just settling for the easy option, they will be able to do this in an environment where they have no fear of making a mistake and being in trouble for it, we want them to go for it.

Our role is to build them up with knowledge and skills they didn’t start the season with, your role as Parents is to make sure the car rides to and from games is always positive so they arrive pumped ready to go. This is definitely not a soft approach to the game, the players learn more from positive approach and support even if they fail or lose. The confidence they will gain from it far out ways the screaming and yelling mentality.

Mafia Rules

We all want the same things for the future so to make sure we have a streamline approach to the season we have a few rules we all need to follow:

    1. NO Umpire abuse, no Umpire deserves it and its not tolerated. You will be given your money back and kicked out of Mafia if done.
    2. Once you drop the players off that’s it until after the games are finished till you speak to them again, there are no sneaky dugout visits etc. If you need to give them something you will go thru the Teams EO every time.
    3. Each age group will have a director you can speak with if there is something you need to address, this Director has access to all sorts of resources to sort out any issues that may arise. Please do not address the Coaching staff they have a lot to do already.
    4. Lastly it is compulsory to Cheer, we want to hear all Parents supporting all players on the teams, especially the support on the negative parts of Baseball. As we said Build them up, not pull them down. Have some fun with it. We want you to take pics and videos and post them on your socials, it shows you support the game and the improvement that is happening right in front of you.

‘If we all work together we will get where we need to be at a faster pace’

Matt Cavill
CEO, OzBall Tournaments

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1st May 2011 – 30th April 2013

1st May 2009 – 30th April 2011

1st May 2007 – 30th April 2009

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